Private pool and patio with screening cage covering area

Reunion Villa Rentals with Screened Pools

Screened pools or pool cages are a common feature of properties in Florida. But not so Reunion. If you are adamant you want one see our collection of properties below that offer this much sought after feature. Screened pools keep out alligators (rare but not completely out of realms of the possible). More importantly vacationers often value the protection they provide from the large bugs and flies common in Florida during the verdant summer months. They also serve to keep leaves and other vegetation out of the pool which can be irritating to remove by hand. Many properties in Reunion have been built bespoke so some have screened pools others don't. A downside of a screened pool could be the perceived impediment to stunning golf course or lakes views, depending on where the rental property is in the resort. Further, some pool patio areas are so large in Reunion that screening it becomes impractical. Regular visitors to Orlando generally know whether they need/want pool screening or not. If you are a first time visitor it may be worth securing this feature.