Reunion Resort side by side villas homes townhomes condos

street of villa homes side by side in Homestead ara of Reunion

For larger parties, families or wedding groups side by side properties in Reunion are often necessary. The resort is large with several communities overseen by a matrix of various property management companies and individual owners. Given the wealth often found behind ownership of many of the properties it is no surprise that Reunion is a short term residential rental community dominated by management companies. What this does however is make it far easier to secure side by side accommodation with property managers overseeing several hundred properties at a time and in constant contact with each other.

The best way to begin the process of securing accommodation next to, or nearby, each other is to submit several property enquiries. Be sure to state clearly in the comments field details of your requirements. A good example would be:

"My party size is 20. We would like to obtain two properties next to each other or certainly nearby, two small villas or town homes would be ideal."

Property managers and owners will then return to you directly by email with information of options, availability and cost. Renting two smaller properties rather than two large ones can often be a better option especially if you are travelling as part of two large families or the groups perhaps have different daily plans for their vacation but still want to be nearby each other.

If you have any questions about side by side vacation rentals or recommomendations on which properties to enquire about please get in touch and we'll be only too happy to help out.