Reunion Resort Reviews

The resort is renowned for immaculate landscaping, rolling fairways and opulent living. A good first port of call for independent info and review on the resort in general is tripadvisor. General resort reviews tend to call out the size and quality of the properties in the resort as well as the scale of the wider estate in general. Lots of space to stroll or run for miles without ever having to leave the resort. Golf is a big focus at reunion and various packages are available. Golf reviews are good and call out the splendid condition of the courses.

Reunion Resort entry gate sign

A key feature at Reunion is the waterpark. The waterpark gets great reviews but the resort management restrict access to ensure it does not become crowded. What this means is owners and managers are restricted in the number of day passes they can issue to guests so ensure you are clear how many days (if at all) you can access the waterpark during your stay. Some reviews point to the waterpark being more valuable for younger children. There are 11 other swimming pools dotted around the resort. These are noted in many positive reviews as invaluable due to the scale of the resort and many holidaymakers have added that the didnt feel the need to make much use of the waterpark during their stay as a result of the various other community pools.

The fitness and spa at the resort get good reviews but as always before you book be sure to clarify exactly what access to facilities you have and costs associated. Another feature of many resort reviews is its proximity to Disney. Only 6 miles from the Magic Kingdom the I4 interstate splits the huge estate in half so is easily accessed. This road provides an artery into the theme park centre of Orlando with Disney first followed by SeaWorld and then Universal Orlando. The location of Reunion is excellent.

Negative Reviews

In the interests of transparency and ensuring you get real value from our website we've collected some of the negative reviews into a summary. Many (most) of these negative experiences can be avoided by knowing in advance a bit more about the resort.

Negative reviews of the resort tend to coalesce around a few key themes. The major one tends to be customer service across the resort. This is probably more a concern if you are booking through the resort itself as opposed to privately through an independent management company or directly from an owner. Another concern relates to price. Renting in Reunion is obviously going to be more expensive than other resorts in Orlando. Without stating the obvious you get what you pay for. High prices within the resort for amenities and at shops, bars and restaurants is noted within several negative reviews.

The sheer scale of Reunion features in a few reviews. Unlike other nearby resorts such as Windsor Hills and Emerald Island (which are small compact and centred around one clubhouse and pool area), Reunion is 2300 acres of sprawling estates and home to multiple sub-communities. Where you stay at Reunion is obviously important so thinking about location and what you intend to do within the resort during your stay is vital.

Another gripe of note are the opening hours at the two main pool areas; the waterpark and seven eagles community pool. There are a few reviews which register frustration at the 5pm food and drink service close down in addition to closure of the waterpark at 6pm from Monday to Thursday. The waterpark stays open an hour later on weekends but this problem can be resolved by using community pools or ensuring your rent a villa with a private pool. In addition, another minor gripe relates to having to bring your own towels to the community pools. This is worth noting as you will need to bring towels from your rental property or alternatively travel with beach towels.

Independent Discussions Forum Reviews

A great way to get a good feel for the resort and independent feedback and advice is to search the various Orlando discussion forums and post questions. We've captured a selection of really valuable discussion threads for potential Reunion vacationers:

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Property Owner and Manager Reviews

It's good practice before you rent any property to do your own research. Type the management company name or owner into google and see what is returned. A search on the various orlando travel discussion forums like disboards and wdwmagic is also a good starting point when conducting some independent research. Post a query on the board directly asking for feedback on the management company or owner in question. Independent and prompted feedback is the best.