Reunion Resort Orlando Waterpark

The Reunion Resort waterpark is situated centrally in the northern part of Reunion Resort East. Condos are situated North and South of the waterpark in the Villas at Reunion Square neighbourhood. Reunion waterpark is without doubt the premium waterpark of any resort community in the wider Orlando area.

Aerial view of waterpark lazy river

Waterpark Access

When renting privately ensure sure you get explicit confirmation of your access rights. Owners at Reunion have to pay annual memberships fees for access to the waterpark area. This is further restricted to a set number of days per annum and these are usually dispensed to guests for a set number of days during a stay. During the booking process ask the owner or management company whether you will get access to the waterpark and if it is possible what additional costs, if any, will be incurred. It pays to understand this up front in addition to having some general information on how to access the waterpark when you arrive on-site.

Waterpark adventure playground

Waterpark Opening Hours

The waterpark opens 10am to 6pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Waterpark Flume, Lazy River and Lagoon Pool

The waterpark at Reunion contains an exciting 2 story water flume ride. You'll find a water adventure playground with ladders, tubes, slides and bridges where kids can climb and plat for hours. Float down the lazy river on a large yellow inner tube. At the heart of the waterpark is a large lagoon style swimming pool as well as wading pool for the kids. For snacks and refreshments the waterpark has a bar and restaurant area.