Communities & Neighbourhoods - Where to stay in Reunion

The Reunion Resort is split into two main sections, Reunion West and Reunion East, split by the I4 interstate highway. The main part of the estate resides in the East section including all the main facilities such as the Reunion Grande, the golf clubhouse and the waterpark. The main entrance to Reunion East is off highway 532 (Osceola Polk Line Road). The West section of the estate consists of large executive homes. As many, if not most, of these homes were built on plots bought by private owners some of the offerings are breathtaking in both scale and opulence. Bespoke development has brought a diversity of different styles, ranging from Caribbean to Mediterranean to Southern Plantation, which makes these communities fascinating for rental property browsing. When searching Reunion Private Rentals use the map and resort community guide below to help locate each property. Make the selection that best fits your vacation needs. Reunion is a large expansive resort so in-resort location is important.

Community & Neighbourhood Map

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Map of communities and neighbourhoods within Reunion Resort