Searching through the many short term holiday rental communities in and around the wider Orlando area on first inspection can seem a daunting task. With tens of thousands of homes spread across hundreds of resort communities finding somewhere to even start the search can be challenging. If you have landed on this page likely you will be looking to understand primarily where Reunion Resort fits in to the overall picture and how it compares to Championsgate, oft identified as one if its direct competitors.

Emerald Island resort swimming pool side by side with Windsor Hills swimming pool

Reunion and Championsgate share plaudits as the two most luxurious resorts in Orlando. But how do they differ? For the following reasons we think Reunion is best:

1. In the main, Reunion is complete. Whilst work is underway on a completely new set of communities in Reunion West, these are far removed from the rest of the resort. Major parts Championsgate are under development.

2. Reunion has a huge range of property size, style and type. Championsgate is broad but without the variety of Reunion where there are several resorts offering condos, townhomes and detached villa homes across varying styles.

3. Reunion is the most opulent grandiose resort in Orlando. From immaculately manicured grounds to the manions of Reunion West, Championsgate will never compare.

4. While Championsgate homes are built based on a set of home styles and flooplan set ups Reunion Resort offered plots of land meaning many of the homes in the communities of Reunion West are bespoke making searching Reunion properties more interesting as every home is different.

5. Facilities at Reunion are unbeatable; the 3 championship golf courses, large central waterpark and top class restaurants of Reunion Grande.

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